Colorado politicians try their hand at April Fool’s gags

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Colorado State Capitol Building

DENVER – State Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver and her partner in pranks Rep. Jovan Melton of Aurora were a day late but not a doughnut short Monday, catching lawmakers and statehouse staff off-guard for their April Fool’s trap.

They loaded doughnuts with mayo and shared the mistreats the day after national observance for practical jokes.

The reactions Herod captured on video are delicious if the substitute cream filling was not.

In Colorado Springs, meanwhile, El Paso County Commission candidate Holly Williams pulled a PR prank Sunday with a "very different" plan to widen Interstate 25 between Monument and Castle Rock.

Williams, the wife of Secretary of State Wayne Williams, in a Sunday news release unveiled a gag proposal for widening the Interstate 25 "Gap" from Monument to Castle Rock.

She proposed widening the southbound side of the highway from three to five lanes. The two existing two northbound lanes would be transformed into a single $35 toll lane, where "traffic would crawl along at an estimated 25 mph" alongside two bike lanes. This design "would enable visitors to Denver to enjoy a leisurely trip to the land of failed social programs, all while being passed by overtaxed hipsters who can no longer afford Denver rents and taxes," the press release stated.

(Graphic courtesy of the campaign)

In an interview, she said that the press release was an attempt to "have some fun" while taking a few jabs at Democrats. She said she thinks the state should be spending more on roads and infrastructure, such as widening the approximately 18-mile Gap, than on social programs.

She added that her husband, who commutes from Colorado Springs to Denver for work, didn’t appreciate the joke.

Williams, who works at the county’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility, is running to succeed Darryl Glenn as the District 1 commissioner. She will face Calandra Vargas in the June 26 Republican primary.

"With so many of these campaign emails in people’s inboxes, you have to stand out," said Williams’ campaign manager, Stephen VanDyke.

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