Colorado’s own ‘Up’ house is in Denver’s RiNo District

DENVER – There’s a blue house tucked away in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood that bears an uncanny resemblance to the house in Disney’s movie “Up.” The film focuses on a retired balloon salesman who fights to keep his house in the middle of construction.

The house near the intersection of 29th and Lawrence stands between two new condo complexes.

“Over the last few years, everything has kind of been getting torn down and changed,” Ian McIntire, the owner of the house said.

The “Up” house was built in 1894, one hundred years before Denver’s River North Art District became RiNo.

Photo courtesy: Disney Pixar

McIntire and his wife moved in five years ago, but back then their house did not stand out.

“When we bought this house, it was pretty much the norm for the block,” McIntire said. “We had a fresh coat of paint but other than that, we really weren’t any different from most of the houses around us.”

The neighborhood started to change and the house started to gain attention.

“It feels like it when we’re sitting here in the living room and we have the window open, we’ll hear almost everyone who walks by make a comment,” McIntire said.

But he understands the other side to gentrification.

“Over time, a lot of people are moving out or getting bought out or even kicked out,” McIntire said. “We can see how it can be good for us but not everybody else.”

The couple has no plans to move anytime soon.

“The goal isn’t to look out of place,” McIntire said laughing. “The goal is just to be close to work.”

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